About Us

Delcon Civil is a civil construction company founded in 2006 by Managing Director, David Harry, a surveyor with over 10 years experience in the civil construction industry. David leads Delcon Civil with a clear focus on collaboration and developing strong relationships with all stakeholders through honesty, reliability and integrity.

We strive to deliver a culture of civil engineering excellence through our engineers, people and our civil construction projects. To achieve this we commit to living our values which define our culture and underpin how we conduct ourselves as individuals and as a business.

Meet Your Australian Civil Construction Partner

An Australian owned and operated civil construction company, Delcon Civil Pty Ltd is based in Victoria and we have the facilities and resources to tackle projects, State-wide.

Our civil engineering advantages

Committed to understanding our clients' needs, we focus of planning, developing and delivering optimum civil engineering solutions for every project.

Additionally, we ensure that we provide best practice systems and processes in everything we do.

A formula for successful engineering partnerships

Through an analysis of existing practices and market opportunities, Delcon Civil has identified an opportunity to establish a distinctive position in the civil construction industry. We have done this by consistently delivering excellence in complex and demanding civil engineering construction projects, efficiently and successfully collaborating with other companies, on projects involving large organisations, government, and utilities.

We work in a range of locations throughout Victoria, achieving outcomes and solutions to satisfy a wide variety of civil engineering objectives.

Civil engineering industry leadership

Having developed a range of civil construction and engineering capabilities in diverse industry sectors, we have a proven track record of success.

We are industry leaders in:
Road construction
Road reconstruction
Construction and project management services
Major drainage and pipeline construction
Sewer and water reticulation
Concrete works
Bulk earthworks
Haulage services

Who are Delcon People

At Delcon, our strength is our people.

We pride ourselves on having a dedicated and talented team of engineers and construction professionals with a diverse range of skills and industry leading experience.

Ongoing training and development

Our people are some of the more highly skilled in the civil construction industry and we are committed to their ongoing development and support.

A Delcon, our engineers and construction staff are innovative, flexible and have a ‘can do’ approach to the challenges that often arise in complex projects.

Collaboration and communication

Our peoples' experience allows us to collaborate with our clients based on open and honest communication to ensure we achieve and exceed civil construction project objectives.

Our comprehensive OHS&E systems and certifications ensure that we are dedicated to providing a safe workplace, first class training, opportunities for career development and a supportive culture.