Bald Hill Service Reservoir

Client: JHKBR-JV
Location: Kalkallo
Project Overview: Potable Water storage capacity upgrade to the expanding North West of Melbourne for Melbourne Water Consumption.

Works completed:

  • Clear and strip over 5,000m3 of topsoil.
  • Cut and fill into the side of the hill in high strength rock, which involved excavating, carting and placing over 35,000m3 of material.
  • Construct pavement hardstands and roads for access to the 10ML tank, including pavement hardstand for two future 10ML tanks.
  • Excavate, lay, and backfill of varying diameters DN1200, DN750, and DN600 MSCL pipelines from bottom of the hill to tank inlet and outlet. This enables, connection works for future tanks.
  • Excavate, lay, and backfill of approximately 1km road drainage systems of varying diameter DN900 to DN300 RCP and pits.
  • Installation of 4km electrical and communication conduits in ground.