Williamstown Watermain Relocation

Client: Westgate Tunnel Project (CPBJH-JV)
Location: Williamstown
Project Overview: Installation of DN900 MCSL watermain on Williamstown Road beneath the Westgate Freeway. Multiple service crossings including gas, water, and sewer were undertaken, as part of the work.

Works completed:

  • Relocation of DN900 MSCL watermain beneath West Gate Freeway Bridge along Williamstown Road.
  • Level B service locating.
  • Level A service locating via NDD.
  • Excavation in greasyback clay and hard rock up to 150MPA
  • Works along Freeway exit ramp along Williamstown Road during occupation weekends, which included;
    • Challenging service crossings
    • Critical hand-back deadlines achieved